Page 27 - The 15th Percy French Festival: French Awakenings
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           Mike originally qualified with a BSc.   Brendan, a Joycean scholar, saved from
           (Pharm) from Trinity College Dublin and   dilapidation the %*th century Georgian
           then worked in Community Pharmacy for   townhouse that was home to James
           "' years before a love of history, folklore,   Joyce’s grand aunts and imortalised by
           and mythology took him to Rathcroghan,   Joyce in The Dead, the !nal story of
           the Royal Site of Connacht in Co. Roscom -  Dubliners. Brendan also saved Sweny, the
           mon, where he now works as a Tour Guide,   pharma cists, visited by Leopold Bloom
           Research Assist ant, and Deputy Manager   in  Lincoln Place, Dublin, preserv ing its
           of the Rathcroghan Visitor Centre. He   Victorian con tents and shelving; today it is
           holds a Higher Diploma in Archaeology   maintained by volunteers as a bookshop.
           from NUI, Galway, and has co-authored    Brendan’s book Sweny A Pharmacy in the
           a number of publications about Rath -  City, is now in its second edition.
           roghan, including The Rathcroghan

           Archaeo log ical Trail–Slí Seandálaíochta
           Ráth Cruachan and Rathcroghan–The
           Guidebook. Mike says  of Rathcroghan:
           ‘[It is] exceptional in Ireland as a place
           where folklore and myth ology meet
           our archaeology and history ’.

           SPEAKERS  +  P E R F O R M E R S  •   PERCY FRENCH FESTIVAL !"!#  •!#•
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