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           Mary is an experienced journalist, author,   Martin  is Vice-Chair of the Expert Advisory
           and broadcaster working in England and   Group on Centenary Commemorations.
           Ireland. She has written for over &' news -  Between "''" and "'%%, he was a Fianna
           papers and magazines. Her books include   Fáil Senator, then TD ( Tipperary South),
           Germany Calling, a biography of William   and from "''* Minister of State for OPW,
           Joyce, ‘Lord Haw-Haw’; Crown and Sham -  Finance and the Arts.  He was a member
           rock: Love and Hate between Ireland and   of the British–Irish Parliamentary Body;
           the British Mon archy (used as an informa -  the Forum for Europe; President Mary
           tion template for Queen Elizabeth II’s visit   McAleese’s Council of State "'')– %%;
           to the Irish Repub lic in "'%%); Goodbye to   a political adviser to three Taoisigh
           Catholic Ireland, a social history of Ireland   (Haughey, Reynolds, and Ahern). He was
           over the life time of her parents; and The   a back-channel to the Republican Move-
           Way We Were. Catholic Ireland since !"##   ment and contrib uted to the negotiation
           ("'""). Her play about Winston Churchill’s   of the Downing Street Declaration and the
           private meeting with Michael Collins in   Good Friday Agreement (a collection of
           %("%, Allegiance, was performed at Edin -  his essays and addresses were published
           burgh ("'%+). Her talks have included:   in "''& as The Legacy of History for Making
           Churchill and Ireland (Imp erial War Mus -  Peace in Ireland). He was co-winner of the
           eum, London); Ireland and the Abdication   %(() Tipperary Peace Prize with Fr. Alec
           of Edward VIII (Royal Dublin Society);    Reid CSsR and Rev. Roy Magee. He has
           What Yeats Means to Me (Nat ional Library   been a columnist with the Sunday Business
           of Ire land);  Catholic Ire land’s relationship    Post, The Irish Times, and The Irish Catholic.
           to a Protest ant mon archy (Catholic Central   He received honorary doctorates from the
           Library, Dublin), and Heritage of Irish   National University of Ireland  and from
           Feminism (Microsoft Ireland).       Trinity College Dublin, and in "'%* he was
                                               elected to mem bership of the Royal Irish
                                               Academy, where he was a Council mem -
                                               ber "'%(–"&. He was awarded a D. Phil
                                               from Christ Church, Oxford.

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