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          Alexander, a graduate of University    Keith studied Mental and Moral Science
          of St Andrews and Oxford University,    at Trinity College Dublin, and holds an MA
          is Research Fellow in Ecclesiastical History   and a PhD in Philosophy from The Univer-
          and Historical Theology of the Early Irish   sity of Dublin ("'%+). He also holds a HDip
          Church at Trinity College, Dublin. He has   and an MSc in Computer Science from
          held Research Fellowships at the Aus trian   Uni versity College Dublin ("'""). He has
          Academy of Sciences, Vienna; the Univer-  written about the philosophy of arti fi  cial
          sity of St Andrews; and the Insti tute for   intelligence; medical epistemology;

          Advanced Study, Princeton. His inter ests   phil os ophy of language and linguistics;
          include: the inter-relationship between   computational philology; Jerrold J. Katz;

          mon as tic groups and secular elites in the   Ludwig Wittgenstein; and Heraclitus.
          Early Middle Ages; the cult of the saints in   He was an Adjunct Assistant Professor,
          the Early and High Middle Ages; medieval   in the Depart ment of Philosophy, Trinity
          hagio gra phy and its manuscript transmis-  College Dublin ("'%-–"'), and was the
          sion; and the Irish mon astic diaspora in   coordi n ator for the inaugural year of the
          Europe in the Middle Ages. His research   History, Philos ophy, and Ethics of Science
          project, Savage/Saint Island: Imagin ing    module for under graduate science stu -
          Ireland and the Irish from Classical Antiquity   dents. He was a Demonstrator in the
          to the Anglo-Norman Conquest explores   School of Computer Science, University
          the development of Irish ethnic identity   College Dublin ("'"%–""). During "'""–
          and the perception of Ireland/the Irish    "&, he was an Assistant Lecturer in the
          up to the %&th century. His book Jonas    Depart   ment of Philosophy, May nooth
          of Bobbio and the Legacy of Columbanus:   University, teaching modules on ana lytic
          Sanctity and Community in the Seventh   philosophy, epistemology, phil osophy of
          Century was published by OUP in "'%*).   the digital age; he was also a coor di nator
          He co-edited St Sunniva: Irish Queen,    for the BSc in Computa tional Thinking.
          Norwegian Patron Saint, with Alf Tore
          Hommedal and Åslaug Ommundsen,
          (Alvheim og Eide Akademisk Forlag,
          Bergen, "'"%).

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