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           Allan has always promoted technology.   Jeananne achieved notable success in
           He has founded a number of wireless   three arenas: as an actress–on both stage
           companies and introduced the !rst   and screen–as a playwright and as  a news -
           commercial millimetre wave spectrum    paper columnist. Her play Goodnight
           in Ireland. He has developed hardware   Siobhan was performed at the Royal Court
           and software services as well as apps.   Theatre, and she has been a regular con -
           He has held senior posi tions within the   trib utor to British and Irish national news -
           telecoms industry and was a director    papers, including The Sunday Times, The
           of the Irish Internet Society.  Allan was   Observer, The Guardian, and The Irish Times.
           awarded Fellow of the Irish Computer   In "''", she was a judge for the Irish Novel -
           Society for his contribution to the Irish   ist of the Year competition. Her recent
           wireless industry.                  work includes Sunshine Fisherman and
                                               the Cleggan Disaster, based on the poet
                                               Richard Murphy, and the role of Constance
                                               Markievitz in Mary Kenny’s Dearest Old
                                               Darling which she performed in London,
                                               Dublin, and Clifden.

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