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           Dr Lusine Margaryan completed Master’s   Alf, from Carrick-on-Shannon, has  been
           degree at the Yerevan State University,   an Economic Adviser to govern ments
           Armenia, and did her PhD at the Russian   and development agencies in Northern
           State University for Humanities, Moscow.   Europe, Central America, the Mediter -
           She spent two years lecturing at the    ranean, the Middle East, and South and
           Russian Armenian University (Yerevan)   West Africa. His time in Syria, Turkey,
           and moved to Ireland in "'%*. During   Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, and Egypt,
           "'"'–"" she was involved with compar -  triggered a deep interest in the origins
           ative research into the History of Early   of belief and religion. Looking at early
           Christi  anity beyond Eastern and Western   Irish Christi an ity from a Mediterranean

           Borders of Christendom. As a member of   per spec tive, he questions estab lished

           the project group Cognitive, communica-  theories and traces links to ancient Egypt,
           tive and semiotic mechanisms of the forma-  connecting both Irish monasticism with
           tion of historical memory, she is currently   the Desert Fathers and the Irish Church
           researching the formation of Armenian   with the Egyptian Coptic Church.

           identity in Early Middle Ages.      Discov er ies, including the Faddan More
                                               Psalter (an Egyp tian papyrus found with in
                                               a medi eval book of psalms which was

                                               uncov ered in a Tipperary bog in "''+),
                                               point to a more sub stantial Eastern
                                               Medi ter ranean in.u ence than previously

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