Page 5 - The 16th Percy French Festival: Our Great Disconnect
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Illus. 1.  The title page of the f rst issue of The Jarvey, 3rd January 1889.
           Jarvey’s contents, opining that ‘there is an utter absence of that spirit of humour
           which we think ought to actuate everything in its pages’, and added that ‘we hope
           for better things from its conductors, who, if they look for success, must reduce the
           price from two-pence to one penny, give more local colouring to their references to
           men and things, lighten its columns, and abstain from verbosity and cynicism’.

           This could not be seen as disinterested criticism, as it is likely that Irish Society’s
           editor viewed The Jarvey as unwelcome competition. French was probably aware
           of Irish Society’s negative comments, as The Jarvey later frequently poked fun at the
           contents of the former newspaper, which was thinly veiled as Irish Sassiety or Hirish
           Sassiety. One cannot be certain of the impact of Irish Society’s negative review, but
           it certainly did not help to make French’s publication attractive to its intended

           OUR GREAT DISCON N EC T                                              •3•
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