Yvonne Pettitt

Yvonne Pettitt works as a freelance Art Historian and artist in Dublin. She holds a B.A. in Art History, a Higher Diploma in Arts Administration from U.C.D., and a M. Phil. in Irish Art History from T.C.D. Yvonne has lectured in the Percy French Festival and Summer School and has guided and lectured extensively as part of the Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane’s education programme.

She is interested in how art practice and theory are enmeshed. Today in an expanded field of art, paintings cannot be innocently regarded merely from a connoisseurial viewpoint, but need to be seen in relation to conceptual art that is often so dependent on location. Although painting has lost it high status, it remains an equally valuable medium. Paintings have always been conceptually informed. They can be considered from many different viewpoints which are not mutually exclusive. Much of the focus of Art History today, examines paintings to recover their historical and cultural contexts, to reveal the way works are constructed, and to expose them as carriers and producers of meanings within the society and times in which they were made. Yet other critical methods continue to reveal their subjective and aesthetic desires, underlining the value of painting for its own unique properties as part of its own language. Paintings can be (as they have always been) enjoyed for their aesthetic possibilities. In her Percy French Summer School lecture, Yvonne would like to consider Percy French’s paintings in more ways than one.