Professor P.J. Drudy

Professor Pj DrudyP. J. Drudy, a native of Frenchpark, County Roscommon, is Emeritus Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at Trinity College, Dublin. A graduate o f UCG (now NUIG) he spent much of his student days playing guitar and piano on various Showbands and groups in Galway and throughout the west of Ireland.  He still does the odd gig with friends for charity.  He spent 11 years at Cambridge University where he lectured in Economics and was a Fellow of St Edmund’s College.  He returned to Ireland in 1980 to take up a post in Trinity College where he was later appointed Professor of Economics and Fellow of Trinity.  He also served as Senior Dean and Bursar of the College.
He has published numerous papers and books, including Ireland: Land Politics and People, Ireland and the European CommunityThe Irish in America; Ireland and Britian since 1922; and Out of Reach: In equalities in the Irish Housing System where he predicted the housing crash as far back as 2005.