Songs, Poems and Parodies

“I was born a boy and have remained one ever since. Friends and relatives, often urge me to grow up and take an interest in politics, whiskey, race meetings, foreign securities, poor rates, options and other things that men talk about, but no – I am still the small boy messing about with a paintbox, or amusing myself with pencil and paper, while fogies of forty determine the Kaiser’s next move.”
William Percy French.

Songs and Poems

Come Back, Paddy Reilly

The Mountains of Mourne

The Emigrant’s Letter

Phil the Fluter’s Ball

A Fairy Song

People I Don’t Want to Meet

Ach, I Dunno!

McBreen’s Heifer



The Road to Ballybay

The End of the Holiday

Rafting Down the Rio

Later On

To E. R.

Things that Matter

Eileen Oge

The Fisherman’s Wife

Not Lost But Gone Before

“ A Reaction ”

George Grossmith

In the Studio

Galloping Hogan

An Irish Mother

The Four Farrellys

To the West

The Kindly Welcome

In Exile

Whistlin’ Phil McHugh

Mrs. Brady

Rafferty’s Racin’ Mare

The Queen’s Advice to Lord Zetland

The Queen’s After-Dinner Speech


Song of William, Inspector of Drains

The Mary Ann McHugh



The Tennis Tournament (after Macaulay)

Fitzwilliam Square

How Hiawatha Won the Cup

A Comic Advertisement


The Nursery Rhymes

Short Plays and Dialogues

The Letter from the Front


The Children’s Party

Examination for the post of Editor of Irish Cyclist

The First Lord Lieutenant

My Friend Finnegan

Michael O’Ryan gets the Pension

Larksmead School Breaks Up

Further Songs and Poems

“ Goosey, Goosey, Gander ”

Roley Poley

Mother’s Fairies

The Valley of Dunloe

Lines written in praise of Joan Phyllis French

Lines in a Swiss Hotel

“ If I was a Lady ”

“ If ”

The Musician to his Love

The Killyran Wrackers


The Islands of Arran

A Little Girl’s Prayer

Sweet Lavender


“ Tell me, O Captain ”

“ Paradise ”

Celestial Painting

Off to the West Indies


“ The only way out of it ”

The next Landing of the French

Hiawatha’s Motoring

Red-Letter Days



Fighting McGuire

Carmody’s Mare

Shlathery’s Mounted Fut

The Cruise of the Pirate Bus

Sweet Marie

Father O’Callaghan

Mick’s Hotel

“ Are ye right there, Michael? ”

The Darling Girl from Clare

Mathew Hanigan’s Aunt