Fr. Sean McDonagh

Fr. McDonagh, SCC, a Columban priest of Ireland, is an outspoken critic of policies that allow for the systematic degradation of the environment linking them to global poverty and the increased suffering of the poor. It was during his work with the indigenous T’boli people on the Philippine island of Mindanao in the 1970s and 1980s that his understanding of environmental issues and the relationship between faith, justice and ecology took hold.   He is the author of numerous articles & nine books including Climate Change: The Challenge to All of Us, Greening the Christian Millennium, Care for the Earth and Dying for Water. He is a consultant to the General Council of the Columban Fathers on ecology and environment and a frequent guest lecturer at the Pacific Institute, Sydney, Australia. As one of the most highly respected and sought after environmental theologians.  He illuminates the causes and consequences of issues such as global warming, genetically engineered food, water pollution, extinction of natural environments and the dangerous impact of modern patterns of production, distribution and consumption.