Festival Schedule 2021

Please note: For health, safety, and legal reasons, ticket holders must be seated in the marquee fifteen minutes before the first talk each day.



WEDNESDAY 21st July | THURSDAY 22nd July | FRIDAY 23rd July


9.45 am

Kevin Myers
Opening of the Festival

10.00 am

Rob Weatherill
Where Have All The Fathers Gone?

10.50 am

Dr Fáinche Ryan
Truth-telling matters

11.45 am Tea/Coffee
12.20 pm

Declan Ganley
How do you fix Ireland?
And other seemingly impossible missions

1.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm Afternoon Recital

Eileen Coyle (Soprano) & Frasier Hickland (Piano)
Fairy Tales of Ireland

3.30 pm Gardens Open

Questions & answers to follow each talk


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THURSDAY 22nd July

10.00 am

Brenda Power
Truth and The Law

10.50 am

Maurice Cohen
Where is Truth Hiding?

11.45 am Tea/Coffee
12.05 pm

Philip Sheppard
French and Truth:
Depictions on a Knife Edge of Time

SEAN FREYNE 1935-2013

12.40 pm The Sean Freyne Memorial Lecture

Dr Ethna Regan
Amos: the enduring relevance
of this ‘maladjusted’ minor prophet

1.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm

Kevin Myers
Truth and Journalism

3.20 pm Afternoon Recital

Frankie Gavin (Fiddle)
Fiddling with French

4.00 pm Gardens open

Questions & answers to follow each talk


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FRIDAY 23rd July

9.30 am

Conor McDonough
Learn All Things:
Learning and Teaching in the Middle Ages and Today

10.20 am

Dr Martina Finnerty
The Power of the Word:
An Exploration of the Bio-Psycho-Physics of Words

11.00 am Tea/Coffee
11.20 am

Michael Ganley
A next generation perspective:
Modern Ireland, how did we get here? Where might we be going?

12.20 pm

Summing-up & Panel Discussion
Martina Finnerty, Kevin Myers, David Quinn, Michael Ganley

1.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm

Vincent Pierse
Unexpected Truths

2.45 pm Afternoon Recital

Col Ceathair
Percy French, A New Generation

3.30 pm Gardens open

Questions & answers will follow each talk


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