WEDNESDAY 8th July | THURSDAY 9th July | FRIDAY 10th July


10.00 am Lecture • Questions & Answers

Bishop Kevin Doran, Bishop of Elphin

10.45 am Tea/Coffee
11.10 am Talk • Questions & Answers

Kevin McStay
Things That Matter

12.10 pm Lecture • Questions & Answers

Dr Olga Cox Cameron
A Stranger In My Own Midst
Reflections on identity and alienation

in Lacan’s Mirror Stage and Beckett’s Trilogy

2.30 pm Afternoon Recital

Johhny Duhan, Brian Munn & The Castlecoote Ramblers
Percy French Factor

3.15 pm Gardens open

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10.00 am Lecture • Questions and Answers

Dr Síle de Cléir
Reading, Writing And Ritual: Thanksgiving Letters
To “The The Irish Messenger,” 1888–1960

10.45 am Tea/Coffee
11.10 am Lecture • Questions & Answers

Lucinda Creighton TD

12.10 pm The Sean Freyne Lecture

Prof William Reville

Science And Religion:
Independent Searches For Different Aspects Of Truth

2.15 pm Afternoon Recital

Mary O’Donnell Harp Teresa O’Donnell Harp
Jon Henderson Guitar
A Selection Of Irish And French Melodies

3.15 pm Gardens open

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FRIDAY 10th July

10.00am Illustrated Lecture

Adelle HughesWhyte’s of Dublin
Interpretation, Estimation, Valuation

10.50am Tea/Coffee
11.10am Lecture • Questions & Answers

Robert Ballagh
A Reflection On Painting

12.10 pm Lecture • Questions & Answers

Patrick Claffey
Are we Following France? Patterns of Secularisation in Ireland.

2.15 pm Afternoon Recital

The Mulligan Sisters
Musical Melodies

3.15 pm Gardens open

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