Dr. Arnold Horner

Dr Arnold Horner has lectured in Geography at University College Dublin over many years. Specialising in the geography of Ireland and in the history of mapping in Ireland, he has written three books Mapping Offaly in the early nineteenth century (2005), Mapping Meath in the early nineteenth century (2006) and Mapping Sligo in the early nineteenth century (2011). These books focus particularly on the county maps compiled by the surveyor and roads engineer, William Larkin.

In his Percy French Summer School lecture, Arnold Horner introduced the County Roscommon maps of the Bogs Commissioners (1809-1813 ) and the map of County Roscommon dated 1817 that was made by William Edgeworth and the renowned Richard Griffith (organiser of the ‘Griffith valuation of Ireland). Made thirty years before the Great Famine, the 1817 map offers important insights on the early nineteenth-century landlord-dominated landscape in County Roscommon.