The Bridge



For the first time in over four hundred years a bridge will again be built across the beautiful River Suck leading directly to Castlecoote House, whose long turbulent and elegant history started as far back as the 12th century.  Today the house is home to the annual Percy French Festival and you can be written into this ongoing story.

You could have your name in pride of place if you suggest the name that is finally chosen for the bridge. For now Castlecoote House Bridge and The Percy French Bridge spring to mind, but we would love to hear all name suggestions.

Please email names to:

A NAME CAN BE ADDED.  Your name can also be honoured in an inscription in classic lettering on one of the abutment piers, by making a contribution for as little as €100 only, indeed a larger space will be allotted if you wish to contribute more. The picture above shows an impression of how the finished inscriptions could appear.